Posted by: martha sue | September 13, 2008

I fell today on my back steps…

It’s been a rainy, wet day today and I didn’t go on my walk this morning as it was just pouring right at the time I was going to take off.  So I waited to see if it was going to let up.  It really didn’t.  Then, after I saw that the mail was delivered, I decided to walk up my back steps to get them.  This picture taken last winter shows the two flights that we have up to our mailbox which is in the alley behind our house.

115 Fernwood - Winter 08

115 Fernwood - Winter 08

 I walked up to get the mail and on my way back down the second set of steps, I slipped and fell.  I’m not really certain what happened; but all of a sudden my feet went out under me and I landed on the step sitting down, thank goodness.  The steps were wet from all the rain and I was wearing flip flops which defintely played a part in my demise.  It could have been much worse — in the end I scraped my right arm and got a bruise on my right hip.  I go to the chiro on Tuesday so hopefully, he can straighten out any damage!


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