Posted by: martha sue | October 8, 2008

Travel to Green Bay for a Packer game…

My husband, Jay, has been a Packer fan since he was a boy.  He grew up in Dubuque, Iowa and his neighbor had season tickets to the games played in Milwaukee and he took Jay and his dad to many of the games.  Last year, Jay was able to attend two or three games in Green Bay at Lambeau field.  Even though I am a Chicago Bears fan, Jay “let” me go to one of the games he has for this year!  We went last weekend and we did have a really good time.  Lambeau field is awesome and the day was a perfect football weather day! 

We drove up early Saturday morning so that we could get to town for the second half of the Iowa Hawkeye’s football game at Bret Farve’s restuarant where we met his friends that got him the tickets.  Jay, Jeff and I walked over to Lambeau field so that I could see where we would be sitting and to check out the famous “Curly’s Bar”. 


Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

Curly's Pub


 Sunday morning we tailgated outside Champion’s Restaurant and also checked out all the vendors.  We then walked over to Lambeau for the game.

Green Bay 10/05/08

Green Bay 10/05/08

Green Bay at Lambeau

Green Bay at Lambeau

Jay is going back to Green Bay for the Packers/Bears game on November 15 with his buddy Jeff.  We, then, go up over Thanksgiving for the Carolina game.  We’re going up on Friday and coming home on Monday.  Am looking forward to that trip as well…



  1. I am going to the Tennessee/Green Bay game this Sunday. There is a very good chance I will not be cheering for Green Bay but will root for them to score a field goal!

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