Posted by: martha sue | November 14, 2008

How fast they can turn on you…

I mentioned in a previous post that I am in a football pool — last year when our friends, Steve, Missy and Jeff would compare the weeks results with Jay I felt left out so I told them that I was going to get in on the fun this year.  Before it started — Adam, the one who runs it — said you’re going to get in it this year aren’t you Martha.  I said “certainly!”  and he said “great — the more the merrier”  Well, last night when I turned in my weekly picks — Adam said, “I’m sorry you can’t be in it anymore!” Of course, he really did let me get in it.  They are all giving me a hard time because I have been in the lead for a long time and this last week I jumped ahead of 2nd place by 30 points!  How about that?



  1. Sounds like beginner’s luck to me

  2. Hey now! I’ve been in several pools. This is just the first time I have been in this particular one. So I wouldn’t call it beginner’s luck… pure skill…. :>)

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