Posted by: martha sue | December 27, 2008

It’s been awhile….

This journal of sorts was put on the back burner since my last post… We’ve been busy at work setting up a new accounting system.  I’ve been going in early, staying late and working on it at night from home.  We’re just about done though and I am hoping that things will get back to normal soon.

I didn’t get our house decorated for Christmas; I didn’t get peanut brittle made; I didn’t  do alot of things I normally do at Christmas;  I did get my cards in the mail; I did get three packages mailed (2 days before Christmas); and I did get my gifts wrapped by Christmas morning!

We spent the Christmas day relaxing with my sister Nancy, sister Becky and Mark, niece Lindsay, Mark’s parents, and Mark’s sister Carrie and family.  Yesterday, I went to work and am going in this morning as well.  It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks as we wrap up the finishing touches on the system.

I do want to report that I am still in first place in the football pool as we enter the last week of games….



  1. Congrats!!! The final game where I am temping was played last week and the two gentlemen had a good time. It was not to be decided until Monday night, so games on Sunday didn’t do it. The winner did get some money!

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