Posted by: martha sue | January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Our December here in the Quad Cities was one of the snowiest we’ve seen in a long time.  I left work the Friday after Christmas and had to walk through a snowdrift to get to my car.  It rained overnight and when I went into work the next morning, the snow was all gone.  It was crazy!  Then we had 50 degree weather for the next two days and the snow is almost all gone.  There are still some piles of snow in our yard but for the most part it is gone.

I actually don’t mind snow — I do wish that it wouldn’t fall on our driveway though!  I used to go on three or four ski trips every winter.  The ski club that we belonged to disbanded a few years ago and I haven’t been out West to ski since then.  There is another ski club here that I should probably join.

One of my favorite trips was to Zermatt in 2003.

And Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2005.  This was the last trip the ski club trip together so we kept toasting each other the last day.. this will be the last run down the mountain, this will be the last lunch, this will be the last slope side after party, etc etc etc.

Steamboat Springs

Skiing down to lunch….

Slopes of Colorado

And the apres ski party on the slopes…

Apres Ski Time


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