Posted by: martha sue | March 18, 2009

Cruise Departure Day….

We got up early the morning of our cruise. When Jay got back from his walk, he reported that the Carnival Spirit was in port so that was good news. We met Dave, Deb and Bill for breakfast at another Irish Pub — this time it was Hennessey’s. After breakfast, Bill left to go to his home in LA and we went back to the Sofia to check out and head for the ship.

Our hotel was only a long four blocks from the pier so we got our luggage and walked to the ship. We boarded in record time. The first thing we did was check our sign and sail cards to make certain that the four of us were at the same table. Not only were we not at the same table, but we didn’t even have the same seating time! So the first thing on our agenda was to check at the concierge desk to get this changed. We were told there that the Maitre d’ would be in the dining room between 1:30 and 2:00 to address these types of issues. So we decided to explore the ship and check to see if our cabins were ready. Ours was not completely ready, but the Cabin Steward let us put stuff in the safe and leave our carry on luggage in the room.

We then met Dave and Deb up on the Lido deck before going to the dining room to change our table assignments. We went to the dining room at the appropriate time only to find a long line… So we visited in line with each other and with others in the same predicament; and we waited until it was finally our turn. We explained to the Maitre d’ that we wanted to be at the same table and early dining. He asked us if we cared if he put us with anyone else and we said, “of course not!” So he told us he was going to put us with a couple who were members of the Platinum Club and assured us that we certainly would be entertained by their stories.

Maitre d' of the Empire Room, Carnival Spirit

Maitre d' of the Empire Room, Carnival Spirit

The couple’s name are Angel and Terry and both now live in San Diego. Terry, however, farmed in Iowa and was a banker in a town not far from the Quad Cities – I can’t remember the name of the town. And Angel grew up in Minnesota. They are not married to each other — both lost their spouses several years ago but both love to go on cruises so they have become travelling companions. When we sat down the first night, we asked them how many cruises they have been on — Angel’s reply was — “Well, this year I have gone on 8!” They certainly have gone on more cruises than we have…

We enjoyed dining with them every evening listening to the stories of their families and cruising experiences. One night, Terry, arranged for Dave and I to get a birthday cake and have the waiters sing to us — neither one of us were actually celebrating a birthday, however. We also celebrated Valentine’s Day that same night. One night the Captain sent over a bottle of wine to our table in Angel’s honor. All in all it was a fun dining experience in the Empire Room at 6 p.m.

The last night we had our picture taken together…

Martha, Jay, Dave, Deb -- Angel and Terry sitting in front...

Martha, Jay, Dave, Deb -- Angel and Terry sitting in front...


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