Posted by: martha sue | May 9, 2009

A bee or not a bee…

On my walk this morning, I saw this man and his child out in front of their house. As I got closer, I heard a woman’s voice — “Do you want to see the biggest bumblebee I’ve ever seen before I let it go?” She was on the front porch with a plate and an inverted drinking glass over the “suspect”. She went on — “I think it is the same one I caught yesterday — do you want to see it?” The man and the child headed toward the porch and I walked on past their house and was crossing the street when I heard the man’s voice — “That’s not a bee — it’s a humming bird!”….

Now, I’m not the smartest cookie in the box, but I think I would know the difference between a bee and a humming bird! For one thing, I wouldn’t try to catch a bumblebee….



  1. OH, MY!!! That;s a dream to catch a hummingbird, but who would?!!!

  2. Or who could????!!!!

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