Posted by: martha sue | April 15, 2016

Livorno, Italy

Our next stop was Civitavecchia, Italy but we didn’t get off the ship. It was a nice day to stay on board and just relax a little bit. I tried to work on some blog posts but the internet connection was really slow so I quit and just wrote a little in my journal. We also slept in a little while longer – we have been up every day so far before 7 and we are on vacation after all. We sat in the sun awhile and just enjoyed the ship – this was the warmest day we’ve had so far on this cruise. We’ve met some pretty interesting people on this trip!

The next stop was Livorno, Italy – we weren’t in any hurry to get off the ship – but we did go out after lunch. We just walked around the city center for awhile and then found a sidewalk cafĂ© that had free Wi-Fi so we stopped for a beer and a wine – well, maybe 2 beers and 2 wines and used their free Wi-Fi to catch up on things going on at home and to write and answer some emails. We do have internet on the ship but we don’t have the unlimited plan so we have just been logging in to download email and, like I said, I tried to write some blog posts and upload pictures but it was just taking too long and used up too many minutes.

We have one more sea day on this cruise and then it will be time to move on to our next cruise. Yes, that’s right, we decided to do a back to back cruise so we’re not getting off the ship with everyone else on Sunday, the 17th. We just have to have our bags packed and we’ll be moving to a new room – going up two decks. We’ve been on deck 9 this cruise and will be moving to deck 11. We leave our bags in our current room and the stewards move them to our new room. We’ve been given name tags to wear that say “Still on Vacation”. We do have to stop and get new key cards that will have new room information on them. We don’t even have to get off the ship and, if we do, they say the tags and the new key cards will just allow us to get back on.

I’ll let you know how smoothly that goes in a few days. This cruise has been for 10 days and our next one is only six. We’ll be going to 3 of the same ports and 2 new ones. We have excursions planned for the first 3 ports and just one of the last 2. We’ll be getting off the ship in Marseille, France.


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