Posted by: martha sue | April 24, 2016

Marseille, France

We were up early on April 23rd as we were getting off the ship – had to vacate our room by 9. There were only a few of us getting off the ship in Marseille — most stayed on to disembark in Barcelona. We made on our way off the ship and were told that someone would be waiting with our luggage and would take us to our taxi that would take us to the airport. We actually missed the person with the luggage and had to go back through the gate to get them. Then we found the NCL agent that walked us to get a taxi.

We made it to the airport in plenty of time to make our afternoon flight to London. Our taxicab driver didn’t know very much English and we don’t know French so we couldn’t communicate very well with her and she couldn’t tell us too much about the area.

Jay was worried that our luggage was overweight so once inside the airport we spent some time rearranging “stuff”. He found a place where he could get them weighed and mine was just under the 23kg limit. And his weighed 21.89kg. So we were good to go and went to stand in line to get our bags checked. We finally made it up to the counter only to be told that we couldn’t check in earlier than two hours before our flight! It’s only 12:30 p.m. and we can’t check in our bags until 2 p.m. We found seats and got out our kindles to read. There was a group of armed military that walked back and forth several times – right in front of us. We knew better than to try and take their picture.

We finally got checked in, made it through security and found our gate — boarded soon after we got there. Off to London…


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