Posted by: martha sue | May 31, 2016

100th running of the Indy 500

We went to the 100th running of the Indy 500 last weekend – drove to Speedway on Thursday. We stay with friends in their motor home that is parked in a driveway on Main Street just across the street from the track. The picture below shows just how close we are – we stay right where it says N Main Street…. We’ve stayed there for years – back when it was a vacant lot. Have gone through 3 owners. The last and current owners introduce us to their friends by saying – “we came with the house”!!

This year there was extra festivities since it was the 100th running. The logo was pretty cool as it incorporated 500 and 100 together.

Pagoda at IMS

One of our friend’s daughter had a coozie made for all of us. She brought them on Friday and I used mine all weekend. It’s really cool…

Special coozie given to our gang!

It was a warm weekend for sure — normally we go over early and stay until well after the stands are cleared out. This time we weren’t in any huge hurry to go sit in the hot sun…

Our gang waiting in the shade before the race.

There are lots of activity prior to the race – I don’t think all of them are shown on TV, but they could be… “On the Banks of the Wabsh” is performed by the Purdue Marching Band, the green flag is delivered, Historic Race cars go around the track, Military members ride around the track in convertibles, Drivers are introduced, “God Bless America” is sung, Invocation prayer, “Taps” is played, “America the Beautiful” is sung, then the National Anthem, then the flyover, balloons are released, Drivers to your cars, “Back Home Again in Indiana” is sung, and then the announcement we all wait for: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines” and they are off….

Green flag is brought in by helicopter…

Military Flyover

Red, white and blue balloons are released

Derek and Bryan sing along to “Back Home in Indiana”

Pace car leads the field

Saluting the American flag….

And they are off…


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