Posted by: martha sue | November 11, 2016

Back Surgery

My sister Nancy had back surgery on October 10th. She has been in great pain for quite some time and the pain doctors here in the Quad Cities could no longer relieve her pain. She was referred to the University of Iowa Hospital – we took her for her first consultation on September 21st. The surgeon took one look at her x-rays and he knew what needed to be done. So the surgery date was selected.

It was a long day – Becky and I had to have her there by six a.m. which meant we were up by 3:30 a.m. She was in surgery for more than 8 hours. We did get a couple of updates during the day, but for most of the time it was a waiting game. Finally, we got word that she was on her way to ICU – this was around 6:45 p.m.

We left the hospital around 8 and went back up the next morning. She was doing much better although she was really loopy – the pain medication was getting to her. She was in the hospital until October 19th — I picked her up and took her to a skilled nursing facility for rehab. We were so happy to not have to drive to Iowa City every day to see her.

While at Manor Care, she had physical therapy every day. She was there until November 9th. It is so nice to have her in her own home again. It’s going to be a while before she’s able to do much for herself, but, at least, now she is home. She will have visiting nurse, a bath lady and a physical therapist come to her home the next few weeks.

Surgery date was October 10 – she was home on November 9.


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