Posted by: martha sue | December 7, 2016

Basket making…

Quite some time ago, I got an email from one of our niece’s wondering if I could make her a stair step basket. Actually, she wanted to buy one and pay for the shipping. I, of course, told her I’d make her one — as a gift. I sent her a picture of the last one I made for a different niece. She loved it and said she was in no hurry for the basket – I ordered a kit from my basket lady…

I took the kit over to Nancy’s when I was taking care of her so that I could get it made and ready to send to them for Christmas. While I was organizing the reed, I came to realize that the last one I made I had used reed that was smoked (already stained) and the reed I was using was natural. There was some detailed reed for decoration on the basket that was also natural and it wouldn’t stand out. You do the basket in two steps – the lower part of the basket with the decoration detail is done first and then the top part of the basket is completed. I couldn’t do this since I needed to stain the base part before adding the decoration. This made it a little more difficult but could be done. So anyway, I made the basket without the detail and then stained it.

Then, after it was dry, I added all the natural detail.

Stair step basket

Basket all ready for Christmas… a gift for our niece with a few things inside for the family!

Basket ready to head to its new home


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