Posted by: martha sue | January 12, 2017

Church Council

I’ve been on church council for several years now – actually, this was my second time serving on the council. This time, I was Vice President for 1 1/2 years and ended my tenure by being the President the last three years. While on council, I continued as Church Treasurer which is not a council position.

Last night was my last council meeting — I must admit that I’m pretty excited about being finished with this. I may get back on again at some point, but for now, I’m happy to not have to be in charge and I’m even happier that I won’t have as many meetings.

But, this being said, the work we accomplished was good and I thoroughly enjoy working with the volunteers of my Faith family. I have one responsibility left – to chair the Annual Meeting which is next Sunday and at that meeting, my council responsibilities will end. Well, they won’t completely end as I will need to prepare the monthly financial reports and give them to the Vice President who will report on them at council meetings.

My first term on council was back in the late eighties early nineties — I first began as financial secretary and then took the position of treasurer. At that time, the treasurer position was a council position. When my term was up, we could not find anyone to do be treasurer. I told council that I would continue on as the treasurer as long as I didn’t have to be on council. So the council voted to make the treasurer position a non-council position that reports to the Vice President. I’ve been treasurer ever since! And, I will continue to serve in that capacity for the time being. I love working with numbers – always have!


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