Posted by: martha sue | February 22, 2017

Back to Iowa City

Took Nancy back to Iowa City yesterday to discuss her options. She’s still in a lot of pain – she was worn out by the time we got back to Davenport.

We met with a different surgeon this time and he showed us her x-rays that revealed some of the hardware that was put in last October had come loose – and he’s really worried about the spot on her back where her skin is really thin. He says it looks really red and angry… Says that if it would break through, she could really have lots of infection and who knows what else.

He recommended another surgery – it wasn’t what we wanted to hear but you could really tell he felt it was the best option. So we have another surgery scheduled and Nancy is beside herself to say the least! It will be March 15th.

While we were at the hospital, we picked up her brace — it’s pretty big!

A brace for Nancy…

Mark, Becky and Nancy left today to travel to Franklin, TN to our brother’s home – Nancy will stay there for almost two weeks while Mark and Becky travel on to Florida to visit their daughter and family for a few days and then will meet up some other friends for a week of relaxation. Well deserved relaxation, I might add.

A special thanks to Bruce and his wife for agreeing to take care of Nancy for the next two weeks — if they hadn’t, I would be back on Nancy care…


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