Posted by: martha sue | March 5, 2017

Family tree…

My cousin in Australia, Jan, has been working on a family tree using the Ancestry website and posted about it on Facebook. This prompted me to send her the Frost family tree I created at the request of my Aunt Blanche. She wanted to have all the birthdays and anniversaries of all her nieces and nephews in one place.

She asked me when we were visiting Mitchel in October of 2015 if I would look at her address book and other bits of paper to compile everything together. She wanted it done for both her husband’s side of the family and then her side (which is my side). It was quite a task to say the least. I managed to get all the dates and names entered in excel during our visit – although it wasn’t in a good format.

When we got home, I continued to work on it finally getting it a format that I liked. I knew that if I printed it out on letter size paper that she’d never be able to read it especially with the whole family on it – the print would be so small. So I printed it out on 11 x 17 paper – the one with the whole family was still pretty tiny. I, then, created a separate worksheet for each of her siblings and printed those on 11 x 17 paper. They were easier to read for sure. However, my aunt still thought the print wasn’t large enough, but she did like that it was all on paper and listed by each family.

Some of the dates were wrong – as I’ve shown it to family members, I get the correct dates and update the spreadsheet. It is nice to have and Jan said it was useful for her when she worked on her Dad’s side of their family.


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