Posted by: martha sue | March 17, 2017

Nancy’s 2nd surgery

My sister and I took Nancy back to Iowa City for her second back surgery on Wednesday. This time we had to be there even earlier than last time so we opted to spend the night in Iowa City. Since we’ve been through this process before (5 months ago), we let her know that we would stay at the hospital until we knew she was out of surgery and in recovery and visited with the surgeon. Last time, we visited her once she got to ICU and she’s didn’t even remember that we were there!

The surgery was supposed to only take 5 hours or so. She was in surgery for over 8 hours again! We met with the surgeon before heading home. He told us that they found several pieces of hardware that had malfunctioned and they reopened her even to the thoracic vertebrae to strengthen those. He said that the previous bone grafts had not taken which is why the screws had come loose. They checked them all because they didn’t think she’d want to go through this again.

We went back up the next morning and she appeared to be much more lucid than last time. We are hopeful that the healing process will be easier this time. I went back today and she was up sitting in her chair when I got there. We’re hoping she’ll get moved to a regular room tomorrow.


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