Posted by: martha sue | March 29, 2017

March basket

Just finished this basket – took 3 months to complete. Not because we couldn’t finish it in one night, we just chose not to.

Finished Tool basket

The class decided when our teacher first showed us the basket that we would take our time with this one and make it during the winter months. We decided to break it up and weave it in three stages. Since the winters here in the Midwest can be harsh, we would just take our time with it. And, if there was bad weather, we’d cancel class and work on it at the next month’s class. We wove the bottom and inner wall in January.

First stage – bottom and inner wall

Then, in February, we completed the sides and put on the rim. In class this month we finished it – wrapping the handle and lashing the rim.

Detail close up of the handle…

In addition to finishing our own, the class decided to help a friend who was moving away finish her basket. She was at the first class to do the bottom and the wall. She wasn’t able to come to the February class so at this class she was going to play catch-up while we were all finishing our baskets.

We knew that she was moving the next day and told us how much she had left to do at home. So we offered to finish her basket for her so that she could get home and help her husband do last minute packing. She, of course, was overwhelmed at our suggestion! Each class member will do part of the basket and then we’ll all sign it. Friends helping friends — awesome!


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