Posted by: martha sue | April 27, 2017

My aunt and uncle’s 100th birthday celebration!

The aunt and uncle who live in Mitchell, SD that my sisters and I go visit every year have each turned 100. Their birthdays were in December and January and they celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary in December. They are both in pretty good health – go for daily walks and still live on their own.

Their kids planned a celebration in April to get as many relatives there as possible. It was so cool! We got to see so many cousins that we hadn’t seen in years. My aunt is the only living child of my grandparents, Will and Winnafred Frost.

The first evening, we were going to gather at our hotel but another family captured the only room that we could use – so we called our brothers who were staying in a hotel not far from us and their breakfast area was free so 45 members of our extended families gathered for an evening of food, celebration and conversation.

The next day, my three brothers, my sister and one of my sister-in-laws, decided to go to the Congregational Church together. Our group, 7 of us, ran them out of bulletins! It was a nice service and several of their members knew our aunt and uncle!

That afternoon we met at our aunt and uncle’s favorite restaurant which closed for the afternoon so that their kids could host this party. It was a wonderful time.

Aunt Blanche and Uncle Red – as usual Aunt Blanche is always talking!

Executive Proclamation from the Mayor of Mitchell, South Dakota

The cake right side so you can read the dates!

Frost cousins that were present with Aunt Blanch and Uncle Red

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