Posted by: martha sue | July 1, 2017

Prayer Shawls

I’m making a prayer shawl for the first time — I saw a notice on the action board at my church a few months ago from a local hospice center that listed volunteer opportunities. Among those opportunities was knitting or crocheting prayer shawls. I know how to knit and crochet and since I have lots of leftover yarn, I decided to contact them for the prayer shawl pattern. They never responded and I was disappointed. A friend of mine is volunteering at the same hospice center and she told me that they really need prayer shawls. She called me one day to tell me that they were completely out and the person she was seeing right now needs one.

So, I googled prayer shawls and got a couple of patterns. Then, the other day my friend gave me the pattern from the hospice center – even though I really think they should have contacted me, I decided to go ahead a make some. So last week I began my first – decided to crochet the first few. Turns out that the pattern I downloaded from a website is identical to the one the center provided. Must be a sign….

Anyway, here’s a picture of the beginning of my first.. They recommend that you say a prayer at the beginning and end of your project – they also want the number of hours it takes to make. Since, I start and stop working on it throughout the process, I decided to time myself crocheting the two different types of rows without stopping. I’m keeping track of how many of each row I complete and will estimate the hours based on the number of each type of row. Here’s a picture of the first few rows… — it’s about 14 inches long right now and needs to be at least 60 inches… Long way to go!

Prayer Shawl #1 – crocheted with prayers and love…

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