Posted by: martha sue | July 7, 2017

Coffee – I enjoy a cup or two…

My coffee pot started “dying” several weeks ago and I ignored it. The heat plate didn’t stay on as long as it should. I would just turn it back on. Then, one day it stopped brewing in the middle of a making coffee one morning. I had to turn it back on twice to get it to finish. It did finish. The next day I had no issues with it.

I should have gone shopping that day for a new one – I am not a shopper, though, and have been to known to talk myself out of going shopping on a daily basis. I did do some searching online – there were lots to choose from and I couldn’t decide. I knew it was time as the one I had was old. I only used it on the weekends or days off when I was working. But since I’ve retired, I use it almost daily. I should have ordered one online and I would have had it before the one I had was dead…

Well, Monday , after I put water in it and then added the coffee grounds, it wouldn’t turn on. I reset the outlet with hopes of it being the problem. I even tried a different outlet. It was completely dead! Bummer! I knew I should gone shopping sooner than later!

I was going to go Sunday after church and after Lindsay’s birthday lunch. But, it was later than I thought and I just wanted to go home.

So, Monday I was without coffee. Which isn’t a huge thing as I have gone without coffee before. What was worse is that I was forced to go shopping… Ugh! I ventured out trying to decide where to go. I was driving my Sam’s Club and decided to try there. They only had 2 brands – keurig and another I wasn’t familiar with. I didn’t want a keurig as I rarely just brew one cup. And, the other one was fancier than I needed. So I left Sam’s. After a couple of other stores, I finally found one I liked. It’s the same brand I had. The only thing I didn’t like about the one I had was that the carafe leaked while pouring. I got it home and got it set up.

Used it the next day – it’s perfect for what I need and the pot doesn’t leak… I’m a happy girl!

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