Posted by: martha sue | April 29, 2016

Mastering the London tube

The first day in London we stayed pretty close to our hotel – exploring the area of Hounslow. We walked to the tube station and picked up a map.

Hounslow Central Station

Hounslow Central Station

We then walked around some shops looking for an adapter – we have one that works in our hotel room but decided we’d like another. We checked at the hotel desk first but they didn’t have any left that would work for us. We checked several places but no one had any. Then we spotted this place that was putting power supplies on a table outside their shop. So we asked them – they didn’t have any adapters either. As we walked away, we both looked at each other and each of us had the same thought. Well, a power supply would work. They plugged one into Jay’s phone and it worked. It was a Samsung power supply so it would work for our camera, too. We bought it.

With that task completed, we decided to find a pub. And we did…

First beer in an English pub

First beer in an English pub

We chatted with the bartender to find out where we should go for supper — she pointed us to the pub – The Moon Under Water which was just a few blocks from there. We had a couple more beers and then headed out to find the place. I ordered fish and chips and Jay got the special beef dinner. It was very good.

Back at the hotel, we plotted out the tube stations to get to Central London and the points of interest for the next few days. Hopefully, it will be as easy as it was to figure out which trains to take.


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